About Us

Exceeding expectations in lead generation and sales for advertisers and publishers is the core of our thinking at Online Exchange. We set the bar high and thereafter endeavor to consistently over-perform with each and every opportunity anew. We marry that thinking with raw performance-based conversion metrics for revenue enhancement and monetization for each and every product or service offering we collaterally represent. We do this by enabling web Advertisers and web Publishers to harness the power of performance marketing with a free and transparent exchange through which they can best work together to build both strong revenue streams and brand awareness. And that’s how Online Exchange was born.

Like many exchanges today, Online Exchange is a pay-for-performance Affiliate Marketing Network that consistently delivers qualified leads and new customer acquisitions by using a combination of premier services, technology and industry expertise. We have the capability of generating the highest volume of quality conversions and brand awareness through our strategic alliances and relationships with Advertisers and Publishers. Our access to targeted Internet audiences worldwide allows us to execute the most cost effective online marketing campaigns for Advertisers across all industry verticals. For Publishers, Online Exchange provides the highest paying and the best converting offers around to maximize revenue for existing inventory.

The core management of Online Exchange has been in the online space since 1997. It’s this experience as a result of considerable effort and time and the relationships born of it that account for our success. We’ve seen and done just about everything there is to do and see along the way and it’s this experience that propels our dynamic model today. We believe there is nothing more important than relationships. The way we go about doing what we do may change as we strive to continue to improve our best of trade business practices and procedures, but the underlying relationships remain. Become a part of our network and a valued friend and join today.

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