Online Exchange provides access to an expansive array of Publishers with delivery channels designed to insure success across a broad range of channels.

Here are but a few of the reasons why Advertisers want to join the Online Exchange Network:

  • We have access to a vast Network of safe proprietary Internet Publishers who have extensive reach to millions of consumers via web sites, email, banner ads and search engine marketing and optimization methodologies.
  • Online Exchange has a strategic partnership with what is essentially a dedicated resource in way of a state of the art internal email marketing department. This resource enables Online Exchange to test and subsequently refine offers before full scale implementation and distribution is had.
  • We have transparent access to tracking key metrics in real time that affords us opportunity to rework or redirect campaign direction on the fly for maximum ROI.
  • Dedicated account managers who manage the distribution of campaigns across the Online Exchange Network with full optimization born of years of experience.
  • It isn’t just the quantity of traffic and the amount of sales that interests us; it’s the quality of it as well. In order to protect brand identity and enhance brand awareness we carefully select partners with whom we choose to work and subsequently accept into our network.

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